Preconstruction intelligence

The Join platform enables teams to make better design decisions around materials, means, and methods. Join's unique preconstruction intelligence technology connects projects and people to supplier expertise, unlocking dramatic improvements that deliver buildings owners love.

Join helps the entire project team, from owners to contractors to manufacturers


Builders, designers, decision makers, product and material specialists, and more connect through Join to access the right people and evaluate more preconstruction ideas with more information optimized to each owner’s unique project values.


Look amazing in front of owners using Join’s automatic impact calculations, presentation materials, detailed logs, and more. Eliminate tedious tasks in your current workflow so you can invest more time in driving new business and articulating value creation.


Join learns from your past projects to make smarter recommendations, guide your current projects, and help you quantify how you add value to your customers’ projects. Discover new ideas through Join’s intelligent product and material search.

Select Customers and Partners


Who uses Join

Regardless of whether optimization for building decisions happens as an explicit value engineering phase or as an ongoing part of design and preconstruction collaboration, Join streamlines that process and helps enable it to happen earlier in the design process. Join is flexible to be used with any project type and delivery method from Design/Build, CM-at-risk, IPD projects, and more.

Contractors & Project Team

Contractors, designers, and the rest of the project team use Join to discover ideas that increase value, to analyze their impact in real time, and to present and make decisions with confidence.


Manufacturers and distributors use Join to identify new opportunities, connect to decision makers early in a project, and save time by engaging with the right people throughout a project.