Focus on creating value, not cutting costs

Changes and decisions made during preconstruction often focus too much on cost cutting and schedule impact.  Join highlights and locks in unique project priorities to actually create value for owners.

Identify more options, earlier

Join considers each building’s unique requirements and then searches for and suggests manufactured products and materials that can improve the project. You can suggest these ideas to project partners, assign them for further evaluation, and connect to manufacturer and product specialists directly through Join to further the dialog.



Present with power

Builders and designers engaged in value optimization are under pressure to deliver timely and thoroughly vetted options.  Join creates presentation materials, detailed logs, and historical reports for decision makers so you can focus on more important tasks.  When accepting or rejecting changes with the rest of the team, Join automatically calculates project impacts to prevent errors in on-the-fly calculations.

Learn from past projects

Join standardizes data for project information and value optimization so that you can leverage past experience to guide current projects.  More importantly, you can present that information to quantify how you add value to your customers’ projects.



Eliminate tedious tasks

Stop managing multiple communication forums, digging through conflicting information, and creating detailed presentation materials. Automation helps erase hours of operational overhead and reduces human error while making quick decisions and updates during tight timelines.