Streamline your existing workflows

Teams engaged in value optimization are under pressure to deliver timely and thoroughly vetted decisions. Join captures the record of value-related options, allowing you to streamline ideation, evaluation and presentation to decision makers. With Join, you can collaborate with more experts while remaining clear about project priorities, the timeline for decisions and secondary effects of any changes to the project.

More answers to “what we can do”

Based on unique project requirements, Join searches for and suggests manufactured products and materials that can impact the project. Use these ideas as the basis for further evaluation or as suggestions to project partners. Then, connect to manufacturer product specialists inside of Join, and provide them with relevant project information to further the dialog.

Learn from past projects

To power this, Join leverages project data in the form of BIM models and drawings, written specifications, and estimates. Join allows you to use the right parts to aid communication around the optimization process, and leverages this datain looking for products and changes that can be impactful given the unique characteristics of the project.

By systematizing your value engineering, you can to leverage past experience to guide current projects, and quantify to your customers the impact that your preconstruction services have.