Our mission is to empower project teams to make proactive, informed decisions.

Today’s built environment is a story of modern engineering and architectural vision.

Every structure — from skyscrapers to suspension bridges — reflects human creativity and ingenuity. We are awestruck by their magnificence. To play a part in creating these buildings inspires and brings us joy.

Going from idea to constructing a building has always been a complicated process. New materials, environmental, regulatory, and ever-changing market conditions have added to the complexity. To navigate this growing complexity, teams with deep expertise in architecture, engineering, construction, technology, and business must now work together even before a structure is conceptualized.

Join was founded to simplify the complex and provide the foundation for problem-solving and decision-making. So that construction teams can more easily build the worlds that we want to inhabit.

The quality of our built environment should not be determined by the limitations of a spreadsheet.

Join is a company with a point of view:

  1. The built environment matters.
  2. Every project is unique, requiring thousands of decisions to go from vision to shovel-ready.
  3. The best decisions are made confidently, informed by the right experts with the right context at the right time.
  4. We are creating a lasting technology company that solves collaborative decision-making. We serve our customers and the communities they develop, design and build.

Join is a team of technologists and industry professionals, backed by leading institutional investors.


One project, and you'll be hooked on Join. See why.

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