Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we often get asked before or during a demo. 

No. Many users begin their projects by pulling in the data from their favorite software package into Join. Join accepts xlsx, xml, zip from Sage, WinEst, and Destini.

Join helps preconstruction teams get accurate estimates, track decisions and the reasons behind them, and get accurate, trended project costs. If you want to simplify the process of decision-making during preconstruction while mitigating your project risks, you need Join. 

Unlike other software that takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to implement, you can be up and running with Join within a week. You don’t have to change the way you do things. Join complements and simplifies your current workflows  – presenting cost estimates, sharing information, discussing risks and opportunities, reviewing value engineering options. Join simplifies the process of keeping your client and other stakeholders informed of project status, current-to-the-minute estimates, and prioritizing decisions so your project moves forward.

Join is so intuitive that most people are comfortable using it within 30-45 minutes. 

You do. You have complete control over who and the level of access  — what they see, whether they can edit data, and much more. You can decide how transparent you want to be with clients and other project stakeholders. 

With Join, you can collaborate with design teams, trade contractors, and the owners’ representatives – no matter their level of technical ability – without running the risk of multiple versions or even messing up formulas. Join also makes it easier to communicate decisions, run scenarios and dynamically show the impact on cost. Join also lets you prioritize decisions based on any number of criteria. You can provide as global or as detailed a view as you like – with a mere click. But the best part of Join is the decision history that’s developed – who, what, when, why – and the associated documents that led to that decision.

Our users’ projects range in size from $1M to $1B+. No matter the size of the project or type, Join helps general contractors, design teams, and owners navigate budget issues. With Join, you’ll simplify complex ideas and guide your clients in making proactive, informed decisions. Join builds trust and improves relationships among stakeholders. And happy clients mean more projects.

Yes. You can begin using Join at any time. In fact, many of Join’s customers have implemented Join mid-flight. You can be up and running within a week. One 30-45 minute training is all that most people need, which you can get while you’re waiting on information. Within minutes, you’ll see why so many of our users wish they had started with Join sooner.

If you’re doing preconstruction for a project you’ve already been awarded, Join will help you monitor and track every single decision so that you stay on schedule. If you’re using precon for business development, Join can help you quickly create a more accurate estimate, uncover potential problems, and inform your client and the design team of possible solutions – which will make you stand out. 

Of course you can. Export your data into an xlsx file – then import it into Join. The amount of time it would take you to do this would be considerably less than the amount of time it would take you to create the reports for your next OAC meeting. With your data in Join, your next meeting will be much more productive: you’ll be able to prioritize discussions; share what’s been rejected, pending, accepted, and incorporated into the drawings; and you can show real-time estimates, even if you create new scenarios with data that’s already in the system. In short, you’ll wow the room.

Join is competitive with other SaaS solutions in the construction industry. Our fees are subscription-based, so there are no maintenance fees. It also means that you’re always using the latest, most improved versions.

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