Support Policy

Effective: March 2022

This Support Policy is made under and subject to all of the terms and conditions of the General Terms, between Join, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Company”) and you (the “Agreement”). Any capitalized terms used herein but not defined have the meaning assigned to them in the Agreement.

  1. Service-Level Agreement
    1. Service-Level Objective and System Availability. Company has a service-level objective for System Availability (as defined below) for the Solution of 99.9% during the Term (“Service-Level Objective”). “System Availability” is the number of minutes during the Term that the Solution is operational as a percentage of the total number of minutes in the Term excluding any downtime due to (a) problems caused by factors outside of Company’s reasonable control, including (i) events of Force Majeure, (ii) malicious attacks on the system, (iii) issues associated with Customer or Authorized User computing devices, local area networks or internet service providers, or (b) unavailability of the Solution during scheduled maintenance.
    2. Service Credits. If Company fails to meet the Service-Level Objective defined above for System Availability during the Term, upon written request by Customer, Company may issue a credit in an amount equal to 1% of the Fees for each 1% loss of System Availability below the stated Service-Level Objective, up to a maximum of Customer’s Fees for use of the Solution during the then-current Term. Service Credits may be applied towards the next Subscription Term. This is Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for interruption of Solution and Company’s failure to meet the Service-Level Objective.
    3. Performance Monitoring. Company shall implement all measurement and monitoring tools and procedures necessary to measure, monitor and report on System Availability. Company shall immediately notify Customer in writing if the System Availability is likely to or fails to meet the Service-Level Objective for the Term.
  2. Support
    1. Standard Support. During the Term, Customer and Authorized Users will have access to technical support via email at and Company may also post support information at Company support hours are 8AM Pacific Time to 5PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday excluding holidays (“Business Hours”). Support does not include training sessions on the features and functionality of the Solution or training in computer skills considered prerequisite to an individual’s ability to use personal computers, the internet, hardware, or other online software. Upon Company’s receipt of a support request, Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to answer questions and provide assistance to known problems in accordance with Section 2.2 and Section 2.3 herein. 
    2. Problem Classification. Technical support classification falls into the following categories:
      1. Technical Question: Questions about Solution configuration or standard functionality that do not involve software changes to the Solution. Technical Questions can generally be resolved by configuration settings or by Customer Administrator through information available at
      2. Feature Request: A request to add functionality to the Solution. Feature Requests are logged, prioritized and scheduled at Company’s discretion based on Company strategic initiatives and the relative usefulness of the request for other customers.
      3. Bug: A reproducible defect in the Solution. Company shall respond to and use reasonable commercial efforts to prioritize and resolve issues deemed to be Bugs in accordance with Section 2.3 below. If available, Company will provide reasonable workarounds to any functional bugs.
    3. Response Times and Resolution Goals
SeverityDescriptionResponse TimesResolution Goals
Severity 1– System DownThe Solution is unavailable.Company will respond within sixty (60) minutes.Company will assign as many engineers and/or support staff as necessary during and outside Business Hours until the problem is resolved.
Severity 2 – CriticalMajor functionality within the Solution is affected so that all Customers and Authorized Users are adversely affectedCompany will respond within sixty (60) minutes.Company will assign as many engineers and/or support staff as necessary to identify a suitable workaround until the problem is resolved.
Severity 3 – HighMinor functionality within the Solution is affected resulting in diminished productivity to specific Customers and Authorized Users utilizing that functionality. Company will respond within four (4) Business Hours.If a workaround can be provided, the correction will be scheduled for the next regular system upgrade. If not, a correction will be provided as soon as it can be resolved. 
Severity 4 – MediumFunctionality is not working as expected, or a problem occurs that is not readily reproducible, or a workaroundhas been provided.Company will respond within eight (8) Business Hours.If a workaround can be provided, the correction will be scheduled for the next regular system upgrade. If not, a correction will be provided as soon as it can be resolved. 
Severity 5 – LowAn issue with negligible impact or a Technical Question or Feature Request.Company will respond within twenty-four (24) Business Hours.If a workaround or answer can be provided, the correction may be made at discretion of Company,based on its relevance to other Customers and Authorized Users. 
  1. Maintenance
    1. Unplanned Outages. If a system failure occurs that creates an outage of the Solution, Company will utilize commercially reasonable means to end the outage as soon as possible. Outages due to the internet, hosting providers, and/or Customer or Authorized User systems are outside Company’s control, and, in such event, Company may assist Customer or Authorized User in the diagnosis but may not be able to resolve the problem. 
    2. Preventative Maintenance. From time to time, Company or its hosting providers will perform preventative maintenance. Company will provide notice prior to any planned interruption in the Solution for scheduled maintenance and will use reasonable efforts to perform such maintenance during non-peak usage hours. Company will minimize downtime during preventive maintenance to the best of its ability.